Welcome to Theana Productions

What is Theana Productions?

Theana is a place for us to publish and share our games and apps creations.

You can find all our creations on our Itch.io and GameJolt pages, but we wanted to have a place, completely to us that would allow us to share with you Theana's big news.

What do we create?

We aim on creating sweet and interesting games that everyone can enjoy. We are for now mostly working on 2D creations, but we are thinking of expanding our creations to include more 3D in the future. Theana is still young, but we already have a lot of ideas to make it grow and hopefully positively impact the lifes of international players.

Who is a part of this project?

As of today, the main team is composed of three friends:

SinGala is our developer, while Arcodeprata and RaposoRockman deal with all the visuals.

How to contact us?

You can contact us at , or through our social medias.

You can contact us , or through our social medias.

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